Start A Shutter Manufacturing Business

Window treatments is a billion dollar industry and plantation shutters are the fastest growing market in the industry. Plantation shutters are not a new product, but have increased in popularity and their market share. After the intial increase in market share the industry expects shutters will retain a sizable share of the market in the future.

Interior designers know window shutters are a timeless window treatment that looks great in the traditional or modern interiors. More and more designers are specifing window shutters for renovation and new build projects. Although the main market is private homes, plantation shutters are growing in popularity in the commercial market, being used in hotels, resturants, bars and cafes.

Plantation shutters are perfect for a specialist business or as a compliment to other window treatments.  Manufacturing and Installing shutters is a profitable business, but like any manufacturing business, its about producing a quality product at the right price as efficiently as possible. New startups may also like to know that you don’t have to invest in thousands of dollars of machinery to get started and small companies can compete with larger enterprises.

Shutter Components

Wood is almost the perfect material for shutters, it is generally easy to shape, light weight and strong material. However, I did say it was almost perfect, the finishing of wood is time consuming and often takes more time than assembly. Wood can be painted, stained or varnished meaning they are perfect for custom finishes. Customers often demand custom colors so shutter companies can demand a premium price for this service.

Poly Vinyl is a favorite material, it is fast to fabricate with and if pre -painted requires no finishing. It is also the only material that is suitable for moisture prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms, and for the UK market where majority of home owners like to leave their windows open on warm humid days. Unpainted poly vinyl can be painted, this requires specialist paints that bond with the material.

Make It Your Own

By manufacturing shutters your company will control the quality, delivery and price, meaning you have your own brand shutters. Being able to differentiate itself from the competition by more than just price your company has a strong marketing strategy and able to compete with larger manufacturers. Establishing a brand will not only increase your profits, but also the value of your company.  Building a brand is not as easy as making your own shutters, it will take time and lots of effort, but the rewards are worth it.

Happy Customers & Job satisfaction

Customers love plantation shutters and having them within days rather than months leads to high customer satisfaction. People will pay a premium for faster service.

Don’t Just Copy, Innovate And Do Something Different

If everyone uses similar components how can a company make their brand stand out you may ask?

With control over manufacturing and finishing your company is able to quickly adapt to customers changing tastes, provide custom products and innovate with new styles, hardware and finishes.  Take the opportunity to differentiate your products from everyone else, provide higher quality, faster delivery, provide a unique color or design or become a leader in automation. Large companies move slow because that is their nature, small businesses can change quickly and they can be leaders in any industry.

How We Can Help Your Business

Shuttermaker Pro developed Software for the small to medium manufacturing business. Over the years we developed bespoke software to make louvered shutters and have taken what we learned to create a more generic software for the most common shutter components and manufacturing techniques. It was our aim to make this software easy to learn and easy to use as we know small companies want to concentrate resources on making shutters not on expensive software and training.

As your company grows the manufacturing methods will change and so will the number of employees, we have tried to create a software tool to assist a small shutter manufacturer and make them more efficient.

Calculating cutting schedules manually is time consuming and prone to error. Most installation jobs consist of several shutters so any successful business needs to be able to quickly and efficiently produce cutting schedules of components so they can cut components to size and start fabricating. Our software can calculate a cutting schedule in minutes without the need to remember dozens of product codes. 

Shuttermaker Pro software is web-based software (requires internet access) that can be used out the box or customized for a specific manufacturer.  Online software was chosen so the user always has the most up to date version and it can be used anywhere on a desktop, laptop or tablet.

“Our software is still evolving and improving, we continue to learn, but believe we are offering something new to the shutter industry. Something better than the expensive grey boxes we were offered.”