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Change Cutting Settings Tutorial Updated – Click Here

Create Cutting Schedule For Full Height Shutter Tutorial – Click Here

Create Cutting Schedule For Full Height with Divider – Click Here

Search Previously Saved Jobs Tutorial – Click Here

Manage Users – Click Here


Who is the software for ?

Our manufacturing software is for startup and professional shutter manufacturers, and our shutter sales software is for any window covering professional selling shutters.

How do I subscribe ?

Choose if you want a single user subscription or multi user subscription and click on the SUBSCRIBE button. This will take you to Paypal where you sign up and provide payment for the subscription chosen, after successful payment you will be redirected back to our website and shown your user ID and password.  Make sure you record this before entering your email to confirm you received the details. You can now login and use the service.

 Is there a Free Trial?

 Free trials are provided, but these can be changed and or withdrawn without notice.

 How can I cancel the Subscription ?

 There is no contract locking you in and you do not need to provide notice of cancellation. At anytime you can cancel your subscription through your Paypal account, however if unable to do this, you can contact us, giving us your company details we can manually cancel the subscription.

 Can my company have more than one user ? 

 Yes, Multi User Subscription allow an admin user to add or delete other company users. Only one admin is allowed.

  Can you add different size components?

 We have provided a choice of the most commonly used components and sizes, if you do wish to add a component you will need to provide a drawing with sizes.

 How accurate is the software ?

Cutting Software – It is accurate and we say this as a shutter manufacturer. The problem with any software is rounding errors, especially when using fractions and that it does not take account for real world tolerances in material machined/extruded sizes and cutting. We advise checking your sizes a number of times through the manufacturing process of each shutter to make sure your shutters are made to the required fitting sizes. It only takes a few seconds to measure, so always double check.  Checking sizes as you go along is always a good idea, as errors can occur at anytime during the manufacturing process due to machinery, jigs and human error.

Sales software measurments are for quotes only and not to be used for manufacturing sizes.

  Can I use this software for DIY Shutters ?

  No, this software is created for professional shutter companies, we are only able to provide our SAAS to businesses. 

 Is online software safe and secure ?

  We have endeavoured to make the software as secure as possible. All information is protected and only your company users will have access and control over the information. If software allows your customers to be saved, only your company has access to this information and it is only used to identify your customers quotes or cutting schedules.

  Why use web based software ?

  Our software can be used on a tablet or desktop (it will work on phones but for a better user experience a tablet is better). It can be used in the office, on the factory floor or even on the jobsite. When and where you want to use the software is upto you. You always have the latest version of software.

 Is the manufacturers software available in other languages ?

 We are currently working on this.  

 Do I have to pay through Paypal ?
  At the moment this is the best option we have found for our subscription service. We wanted users to be able to pay monthly and cancel at anytime, we have found Paypal to be a secure and reliable payment gateway.

 First Time Accessing Software 
After Login, you will need to register your company and personal details. You are then asked to login again, which will take you to the main menu screen. See Video Tutorial

 Can’t Find an Answer
  Ask us via email –, we will try to reply as soon as possible.