Tutorial Change Cutting Settings

Note –> Wood and Poly vinyl components have different settings as do the Wizard and Manual settings.

Example below is for changing settings for Poly vinyl shutters using Wizard, changing settings for Manual calculations follows same procedure.

From Main menu click Cutting –>


Choose material shutter will be made of, either poly vinyl or wood

Poly Vinyl Shutters Louvered

Wood Shutters Louvered

For this example we choose Poly Vinyl and use the Wizard to create a quick shutter cutting schedule.

click USE CUTTING WIZARD –> Add Height, Width and select number of panels, louver size and frame.

click NEXT –>

Set the Frame, Hinge Gap, Panel Style, Stiles and T Post sizes that are required to calculate shutter width.

Click button CHANGE next to component or parameter you wish to change and create your settings.

Frame Size
Hinge Gaps
T Post Size – (You need to choose T post in design to see this)

click NEXT –>

Now you can see all the settings for calculating shutter height.

Click CHANGE button next to parameter to set up. You need to set up for the tolerances and joinery you use.

Mortise and Tenon

Then provide the amount the join will add to the rail (only one side required as it will automatically be doubled)
i.e.  tenon = 15mm, the rail size will be calculated to rail length plus 30mm.

click Save –>

Default settings are 6.35mm 0.25 (1/4) inch overlap of louver over the rail – To Change settings for OverlapĀ  click Overlaps–>

Select Overlap of top rail and bottom rail

click Save –>

Default settings are 0.0469 (3/64) inch or 1.19mm gap between louver and the rail – To Change settings for gap  click Louver Gaps –>

Select Gap required

click Save –>

Default settings are 0.125 (1/8) inch or 3.17mm gap between panels and for hinges – To Change settings for gap  click Hinge Gaps –>

Select Gap/Hinge spacing required

click Save –>

Default settings for the control rod size is the distance from bottom of top rail to top of bottom rail – To Change settings for gap  click Control –>

You can add or subtract from the top and the bottom of the rod as you wish

For example control rods will be longer if mousehole are used

click Save –>

Wizard sets Rail Widths to 3 inches 76.2mm by default in the wizard as the system will automatically equalize top and bottom rails. You can only set the actual size of rails when calculating manually.

Once all settings are saved they can be reused or changed. The Wizard calculates shutters with equal rails. Calculating shutter sizes takes only a few clicks.