Tutorial 2

Create Cutting Schedule For Full Height Shutter

From Main menu click Cutting


Enter Customer name and email and click NEXT

Choose material shutter will be made of, either poly vinyl or wood

Poly Vinyl Shutters Louvered

Wood Shutters Louvered

For this example we choose Poly Vinyl and see current settings displayed

For tutorial to change settings Click Here

Click Poly –> choose louvers

select size and type of louver required

2 1/2″ Aluminium Reinforced Louver

A    2 1/2 inches   63.5 mm 
B    0 7/16 inches   11.11 mm 

Click Poly –> choose stiles

choose two types of stile (1) square stile (LEFT SIDE) and (1) either rabbited or astragal stile (RIGHT SIDE)

examples shown below

2″ Beaded Hollow Square Stile

A   2 0 inches   50.8 mm 
B    1 0 inches   25.4 mm 

2″ Beaded Hollow Astragal Stile

A    2 0 inches   50.8 mm 
B    1 0 inches   25.4 mm 
C    0 1/2 inches   12.7 mm 

Click Poly –> choose rails

Choose a top and a bottom rail type and size these can be the same or different

4″ Cove Solid Rail

A    4 0 inches  101.6 mm 
B    0 3/4 inches   19 mm 

Select If using for Top
Select If Using for Bottom

If a divider is required Click Poly –> choose dividers

If no divider is required you can miss this out

Click Poly –> choose frames

Choose frame style – 4 sided, 3 sided, cafe style, sides only or no frame

4 sided

3 sided

cafe style

 sides only

no frame

If a frame is required choose the type of frame

1″ Beaded L Frame

A    1 0 inches   50.8 mm 
B    1 7/8 inches   47.63 mm 
C    1 3/8 inches   34.92 mm 

Click Poly –> choose control

Select control rod size and type

Tilt Rod

A    0 5/8 inches   15.9 mm 
B    0 1/2 inches   12.7 mm 

Click style –> choose shutter style


Click Height –> choose Add Louvers


Keep clicking + until the Total height before cutting
is equal or greater than required fitting height

Total Height Before Cutting

40.25 INCHES

40 1/4 INCHES


Click Height –> choose cut rails / panels

choose inches or mm

choose if cutting panels after assembly or cutting rails and stiles before assembly

Drop Down Box Amount to cut off top panel or rail

Drop Down Box Amount to cut off bottom panel or rail

Click Height –> choose divider

Click Height –> choose overall height

Check shutter is the required height

Click width –>

choose inches or mm

enter required shutter width and number of panels

choose panel style

Add T Posts if required

Click CALCULATE button

Click cutting–> choose cutting schedule

List of components, sizes and quantities is shown

For more details of each component choose from the list below cutting

Click Assembly–>

here you can change the opening configuration  and louver controls of each panel

Click save–>

Enter customer’s name, shutter reference (ie living room #1) and color

click SAVE Button

You will be redirected to choose material –> and may add another shutter

return to main menu  click shutter  at top left of page