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Manufacturing plantation shutters is a profitable business or add on to an existing business. Our online software is for startups and SMEs. With tutorial videos, visual aids and common shutter components already loaded to use your business can create cutting schedules quickly and efficiently for both wood and poly vinyl louvered shutters.   Single user option is for startups and those one or two man manufacturing operations and multi user option allows different processes to be carried out by different users. A good choice for the fabricators with multiple work stations and employees.

Web based software works best with desktop, laptop and tablet. This software is not designed for Smart phones as images of large shutters i.e. 10 panel shutters do not scale well to phone screen.

Free Software provides limited use for a single user to try the software.

Software Features

  Free Single User Multi User
Visual aids make
software easy to learn and use
Works with inches & mm
Can be used out
the box
Customise cutting  

Allows for different joinery techniques

Most common wood component’s sizes preloaded

Most common Poly Vinyl component’s sizes preloaded

Create cutting schedules in minutes

Creates an assembly guide


Video tutorials

Updated Automatically
Save Cutting

Single User
5 Users (1 Admin 4

FREE $5.99
per month
per month

Payment is via Paypal Subscription

How do I subscribe ?

Choose if you want a single user subscription or multi user subscription and click on the SUBSCRIBE button for that software. This will take you to Paypal where you sign up and provide payment for the subscription chosen, after successful payment you will be redirected back to our website and shown your user ID and password.  Make sure you record this before entering your email to confirm you received the details. You can now login and use the service.

 Is there a Free Trial?

 Free trials are provided, but these can be changed and or withdrawn without notice.

 How can I cancel the Subscription ?

 There is no contract locking you in and you do not need to provide notice of cancellation. At anytime you can cancel your subscription through your Paypal account, however if unable to do this, you can contact us, giving us your company details we can manually cancel the subscription.


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